Tuesday, June 24, 2008

See You Around

It's time to bring this Internet blogging thing I do to an end...

First, let me say that there is nothing wrong. I'm fine. And that may be part of the reason the dew has flown off the blogging rose for me. As the level of bitching and ranting decreased to a dull roar, blogging anything respectable became a chore and I was never good at chores even when I was getting an allowance!


Big thanks and kisses to all of you who read and commented or read and didn't comment or just commented without reading (don't lie, I've done it too!), I'll still be floating around leaving my own particular brand of snark. I can't stay off the Internet completely. It just wouldn't be fair to the world.

I've enjoyed the interaction, the laughs, the emails where we cattily dished on various silly blog wars...but most of all I've enjoyed getting to know some amazing folks that I NEVER would have known existed if not for blogging. I've been more than lucky to come out of this with people I consider real friends. Some of whom are even Canadian! :)



(P.S. The email link in my profile is and will remain live and active, people. If you're coming to New York or just want to tell me how glad you are that I finally wised up and stopped wasting your valuable blog-reading time - send me a note!)